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A film making group consisting of two friends who combine their talents to make machinima. Here's our blog, feel free to sift through the posts. Remember to keep checking this site since it's updated regularly and we like to include our fans anyway we can.

Monday, October 26, 2009

New Series


I've started a new series with Empire Total War. I'll just take historical match ups and make them into a cool cinematic video. They will always be two parts. The first part will show the armies marching and the preliminary stages of the battle. After that video is out I will put up a poll where people will choose which country will win the battle. This way people can get involved and I won't have to worry about choosing a particular country to win. And then part two will be the full fledged battle.

I have already posted Part 1 of a Sweden vs. Russia. You can view it HERE.
I have part 2 finished and it will be submitted tomorrow.

However, I will not have a vote for this match up, because I just established this new standard. But in between videos I'll have a poll on what match up to have next.


Friday, October 23, 2009



Here's my puppy (patfan's). His names Brady, after the New England Patriots quarterback, Tom Brady. So yea I just through this together in 10 seconds...thought it was funny. Note: Brady is well taken care of and fed appropriately.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009



Saturday, October 10, 2009

The J in JT


It's up and people seem to like it. Click HERE to view.

Notice: A lot of people have been offended by the British in the video. I have this to say; we poked fun at Americans, little kids and Brits all alike. This wasnt directed toward the countries just stereotypes of those gamers.

Also the ODST Rap is being written at the moment. And a new Noob Song is finished! It's about how the noob gets Hayabusa armor.


Saturday, October 3, 2009

New Videos


Here's all the songs we have planned for our "next round" of videos.

Fallout 3 Rap
Modern Warfare 2 Rap
Left 4 Dead 2 Rap

And we have the Short Film coming out and The Promo. Also expect a Halloween special.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Update 9/27


Firefighters Ep. 1 is on Machinima's YouTube page. Click here to see it.

It seems people haven't grasped the concept of the series. It's where/how fans can get involved with their favorite YouTube channel, machinima. And, no, machinima does not need dialogue to be a "machinima." Hopefully in the next one people will understand what I'm doing.

I am also updating our Halo Machinima short, The J in JT. It's intentionally corny and cliche to add to the humor. The machinima is set in a round of multi-team matchmaking, skull and I team up to take out our enemies. They are the reds (snobish brits), the greens (little kids) and the yellows (older southern guys). Combined with awesome camera work and music hopefully you will all be enticed to see what we have in store next for machinima.



Thursday, September 24, 2009

Firefighters Episode 1


The first episode is up. I played with some friends from school, nevster13 and ftgnomes. The next FF episode will be out in a weeks time. Watch the first episode HERE.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Update 9/21


One more day til ODST!!

With the coming of that game I can begin making the Firefight videos. For fans who want to get involved just stay tuned through twitter. I'll put a message up in advance telling you to message me with some specific call sign. The reason being so that I can find those messages easily in my inbox and send an invite you way ASAP. I'll put up 2 or 3 tweets prior to when we play giving details. I'll start doing that soon after the game comes out.

As for the album, it'll be out any day now. Tunecore, the site I use to host the songs, say that it'll take 4-6 weeks from when I submitted it. We're on the fourth week now. So when I say any day now, I literally mean that.

Also to recap our future projects;

The J in JT - a short film about a typical day in matchmaking between skullkruncher13 and patfan8326

The Greatest Ever Promotional Video - I posted a preview that you may have seen earlier. It's just a simple promo with some jokes thrown in for you all to enjoy. That release of that video will mark when the album is out.

Fallout 3 Rap
Modern Warfare 2 Rap
Left 4 Dead 2 Rap

....and I'm talking to skullkruncher about making a ODST Rap

That's all for now


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Update 9/10/09 New series idea!


I'd like to start off by saying that I'm going to postpone production of 2 Da Haterz. This is because I just have no heart in doing this video at the moment. I was thinking of having it be fan made and have a contest. The best would be featured on Machinima's YouTube, but that's only a vague idea. Perhaps one day soon.

You guys may have heard of a little game called Halo ODST and of the new game mode Firefight. Well my idea is: I play that with friends, fans, whoever and then when it's over I'll go into theater. I'll record it with cool angles and make it into a nice cinematic experience. Not the most original idea, but it should be cool nonetheless.

Also the album should be released soon, expect an update any moment now.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009


Hey Everyone,

We just added two new songs to the album to bring the total to 14 songs. The album will be out shortly, it has no set date but we'll let you know when its out. We also have a promo vid to come out with it on Machinima.com.

here's the track list (in order)
-The Greatest Ever
-World at War
-Straight Outta Russia
-Zombie Soup (Left 4 Dead Rap)
-Rimz (Halo 3 Rimz)
-Take Out A Longshot (GoW Rap)
-Noobz 4 Leif
-The Dynasty
-More Than Friends
-White Guys Can Rap TWO
-'09 Rap
-World at War Beat

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Update 8/29


First off I'd like to mention that we're not doing the Halo Wars Rap or the Ghost Busters Rap. We decided this since they aren't really played that much anymore and that we have bigger better ideas to take place instead.

The first one is a Fallout 3 Rap, pretty straight forward. Another is a sequel to our most viewed video; Left 4 Dead 2 Rap. And for the other video will be a Rap about the new game coming out called WET.

Hope the news gets you all excited for this fall :)


Monday, August 24, 2009

The Dynasty

The Dynasty is up. Check it out here.

Our next video, 2 Da Haterz, will be the next song on our list. It's going to be a machinima unique to all the others out there. It will include footage/clips/gameplay from many games.

Stay tuned with more frequent updates at our twitter page


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Update 8/20


The Dynasty is finally finished and I have submitted it. Soon you will be able to see it for yourselves.

Til then you can watch White Guys Can Rap: TWO. It's what we worked on when we were together (skull and I). It turned out great, check it out here.


Monday, August 10, 2009

Update 8/10/09


Sorry for the gaps between posts. I've been on vacation more or less for the past 3 weeks. I got back from Maine and skullkruncher came back and we worked on a surprise video. That's basically all we've done over the past month. But we're ready to get back on the train and start pumping out videos. Also about that surprise video, it should be released soon and hopefully you all will like it. Not saying much more about it.

Here's a mock magazine cover I made from photoshop of OXM. Thought you guys would enjoy.

Friday, July 17, 2009



Camper's Paradise is now up on YouTube. View Here. It's been recieved well, however the stupidity of the average YouTuber ceases to amaze me. People have gotten into arguements about who made the original etc. Others have said it's a parody of a parody. For Christ's sake People! It's a parody of a song that has happened to be parodied before. Are people really that narrow minded? Also others start calling us noobs about how we camp....ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS?!? The songs a joke, incase you didn't get that about our previous ten videos or if your just a huge dumbass. We like to touch topics with all our songs. For example Noobz 4 Life - about noobz; The Greatest Ever - ego maniac halo players; etc. And this songs topic is about Camping. People......are stupid.

...phew, those points of course aren't about or directed to our fans/followers they were just a means of me venting and for others to see.

AND, for the logo. The Drama Masks won, so you won't be seeing any change with our logo. However if we decide to sell merchandise, i.e. t-shirts and hats. We'll stick to the skull logo due to copyright/license issues.

Stay tuned, skullkruncher and I will be together in the flesh over the next 3 weeks. Expect A LOT from us. We plan on getting at least one music video done, a machinima series, commentaries for our conflict riddled videos and some real life short films.


Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Update 7/15/09


The Godfather Rap is on YouTube. It's a pretty good video put out by us, however it's far from the best. Skull made the beat so we happened to make the music video. Watch it here.

Also Camper's Paradise is up on M.com. On this video we both put much time and effort into it and the final product it quite rewarding. Check it out here.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Update 7/10/09


For those wondering the Godfather Rap is...well we had the sounds bites from the Godfather movies in the song track. Machinima said that was allowed and now we have a modified version of it on M.com. Watch it here.

Also Camper's Paradise should be up soon, I'll keep ya posted on that topic. If you haven't already check out Coolio's Gangsters Paradise before you watch Camper's Paradise. (picture courtesy of TranceF0rm)

Don't expect much news for about another week until I'm up visiting with skull. I'm going back up to Maine for two weeks and skull and I will indulge ourselves in movie making madness. However both The Godfather Rap and Camper's Paradise will keep you guys entertained until then.
Stay Tuned,

Monday, July 6, 2009

Which logo?


Remember back when I mentioned that you guys could choose our logo? Well I have two logos, one made by me (patfan8326) and the other by skullkruncher13. You'll probably recognize skull's logo since we've been using it on YouTube and Twitter. But we need an official one and we'll have you all help us decide. Remember to vote on the right hand side :)

halo drama masks logo:
skull logo:

The Godfather Rap


It's up. Click HERE to view.

It's a little out of sync as all our vids are on M.com have been, but it's nothing unbearable. We plan on starting Camper's Paradise tonight and we're going to take a more serious approach with this one. Stay tuned!


Thursday, July 2, 2009



The Godfather Rap is finished and turned out pretty well. That will be submitted shortly after some business is sorted out with M.com.

Our next project is FINALY Camper's Paradise. We've had this one in store for a while but other videos have been pushing it back. This video shall be down right dirty!

Also become a fan on Facebook!

Remember to follow us on twitter. I have the link posted on the side under important places.


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Update 6/24/09


This is JT Machinima is up on YouTube and has been well recieved so far. You can download the song HERE.

Currently the Godfather Rap is under production and is moving along nicely and should be somewhat similar to the GTA Rap, but better. After that we look to finaly tackling the Campers Paradise video.

As for the poll there were no surprises...simply put who doesn't want to get their hands on the next Halo or CoD. I'll get another one up soon.


Friday, June 19, 2009

This is JT Machinima

It's up. click here to view.

Update 6/19/09


This is JT Machinima has been submitted finaly...sorry for the wait. I'll let you all know when that's up.

Also we have two new rap concepts brewing and they are; a Ghost Busters Rap and a Halo Wars Rap. While those are just ideas at the moment, we are currently working on the Godfather Rap.

Stay Tuned and remember to visit our TWITTER page for more frequent updates.


Friday, June 5, 2009

Rap Battle


If you didn't know already we were called out by Project Rooster in a Rap battle type thing called 'Halo Battlegrounds.' Currently we're in the process of making the video. When our response is up we'll provide some way of voting to see who's 'won.' Following that will be some sort of video showing who won.

Also take note this is a friendly thing. I just say that because some people miss the fact...not saying any names *cough* kronical *cough*. Just kidding, so yeah expect our video out soon and we'll provide a way of voting.

And another cool set of news is that the song will be FREE! as well as several more songs to come.



Friday, May 22, 2009

Noobz 4 Life is on YouTube

It's up check it out here.

Also follow us on Twitter.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Noobz 4 Life is up!!


Noobz is up and on Machinima.com. It's not our traditional rap, but instead a "fun" song to crack jokes at Noobz.

Watch the Video Here.

On deck is Campers Paradise which parodies Gangsters Paradise.



Tuesday, May 12, 2009

GoW Rap Finally


Gears Rap is finally up!!!

CLICK HERE to see it.

Noobz 4 Life is also finished and is being submitted this evening. You all deserve 2 video releases in a span of a week, since we've been slacking. With the school year winding down, we will be able to pump out more quality videos

Stay Tuned!!


Monday, April 27, 2009

Twitter and Gears


The Gears of War Rap is up; check it here!!!

Also we will use twitter to keep users updated on a more personal level. This blog will still be maintained the same so no worries there. We're just trying out something new.

Check out our Twitter Page


Sunday, April 26, 2009



Sorry it's been awhile since you guys have seen or heard anything from us. But the wait will be worth it. The GoW rap is finished and is pretty EPIC. Expect it on Machinima in a couple of days and on YouTube in a weeks time.

Also the poll about the "Forgotten War" was done out of my own curiosity. The name does hold true though, since only just under 10 people knew it. It was the Korean War. I'll have another poll up soon.


Saturday, April 11, 2009


Sorry it's been a while since our last post. I've been on vacation, I went to Washington DC actually. When I got home I had to start playing Fallout 3 to see how close that game really is to real life and it was very cool.

Anyways I Bagged A Noob is on YouTube, click here to watch it. The video has been very well received and people find it hilarious, which was a pretty good feeling.

Also I, patfan8326, have started making my own personal video series on YouTube. I just take matches of Empire: Total War and commentate about what happened and what my strategies were. I drew inspiration from Prince of Macedon. I'm posting a link in the side bar to get to the playlist of my videos.

In other news the Gears of War Rap is underway and is shaping up to be amazing. Artiic supplied some kickass footage, and combined with cinematics, it'll make a really cool video.


Thursday, April 2, 2009


I Bagged a Noob is up!

Our videos that go on machinima.com are always a little out of sync, and it effects this one a little bit. When it's on YouTube you'll get the best video watching experience.

But nonetheless here it is on machinima.com

if you like the song you can download it here for FREE


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

quick update 4/1/09

I Bagged a Noob is finished and submitted, so expect it soon, I'll make a post with links to stuff when it's up.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Update 3/25


I Bagged a Noob has been started and is about 1/3 of the way through on it's first draft. We're going to story board this video then redo shots syncing the head bobbing. Hopefully this will be well recieved, since it's not as high octane as our previous "anthems." I will remind you guys that this song will be available to download for FREE since it's a parody. I'll upload it to filefront.com when the video is released.

In other news, Artiic has agreed to collaborate with us on the GoW Rap. This shall be an even more impressive video now that he's on board. Incase you didn't the first time, check out his stuff here.

Also the poll wrapped up and once again we got predictable results; it was pretty much half and half. 52% the people liked only our style of rap videos and the other 48% liked rap in general. Fortunately there were no stubborn people who voted on hating all rap. I'll think up another poll to post.


Saturday, March 21, 2009

I Bagged a Noob


Sorry for the little Hiatus, but now that I have my new computer I will dive into making I Bagged a Noob (I wanted to wait to get the computer before I started a new project). The songs short so the video shouldn't take long to make, that is all for now.


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Gears of War Rap Coming!!


We're now doing a Gears of War Rap. It will have the same take as the CoD Rap and The Greatest Ever. So this will be about how good skullkruncher13 is at Gears of War...though he has never played the game. Though he called on the community to help him and it should turn out all good. Since this is our most requested video, much care and polishing will go into it.

We're going to try and get clips from ArTiiC, who is an insane GoW player that I know. I have yet to talk to him on the subject, but I'm sure he'll oblige.

Check out his stuff here.

Don't forget to check out the forum :)


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Forum is up!


I finished working on the forum. I think it's all set, but if there's anything wrong be sure to tell me.

you can get to the forum here

Be sure to favorite that page and become an active member in our fledgling community.

Also I Bagged a Noob is going to be delayed a bit, since I'm getting a new computer very soon. I'll settle myself with that before I really start something new. But hey, we released two videos in a matter of 2 weeks...you guys have been spoiled. :)

The Poll on what video people like most is finished. Seventy-two people cast votes, which was 20 times more than I ever thought. So I'm happy about that. The end results were no surprise; The CoD Rap was liked the most followed by The Greatest Ever, Left 4 Dead Rap and then Straight Outta Russia.

That is all for now, be sure to check out the forum.


Monday, March 9, 2009

Logo Polling


We are about to include our fans in making the next big decision for us; our production logo. Between skullkruncher13 and I we'll make 4 logos and let you guys choose. We'll post YouTube videos when it's all set, but look forward to that in the near future!

In other news; I'm working on a forum to get you guys even more included. :)

We can't appreciate you all enough,


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Halo Wars

Halo Wars


This post is dedicated to encourage you guys to check out Halo Wars for the Xbox 360. I recently purchased it and it was well worth my buck. The game is well polished and is presented so well. The cinematics in this game are also top notch and I even found myself playing the campaign to just be able to watch the damn cinematics. For Halo fans the new story and take on things will be a sweet treat as well as seeing Spartans together in a group.

The gameplay is also very fitting for a console. After no time you'll be whipping orders out and jumping around the battlefield with ease. The online also is really well done and really addicting, just before posting this I played and saw 4 hours go by in the blink of an eye...the games that addicting. For those of you iffy on the Real Time Strategy genre; keep in mind this game isn't your typical RTS, this game was made with heavy emphasis on action and you'll find yourself duking it out 90% of the time. Or better yet just download the demo on Xbox Live Market Place and see for yourself.

So if you already have this game or need someone to play this with, hit up patfan8326 with a message saying you want to play. Granted if he's online and not in the middle of a match he'll be sure to get in a game with you.

So what are you waiting for...check out Halo Wars


Saturday, March 7, 2009

Update 3/7


The Halo 3 Rimz was a great success. Overall is got the most positive reception of all our videos. Also the Left 4 Dead is still steaming ahead getting 40,000 views since my last post!

Our next project will be I Bagged a Noob, which parodies Katy Perry's I Kissed a Girl. We should finish that in no more than 3 weeks.

Also scroll down to check out the "About Us" section to get to know us a little better.


Friday, March 6, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Update 3/5


Just a reminder to those of you new to us; we do have a song available for download. It is the rap entitled "The Greatest Ever." To find it search JT Machinima. It is based off of Halo 3 and was our first music video. The version thats for sale is not the original though since we couldn't sell the song with the Halo Theme for the background. The new version is much better to listen to independent from the video and the quality is overall better.

Also we plan on making a full album of songs to be available to you guys (old news). We will also have some songs that you all will be able to download for free since they are parodies and someone else's intellectual property. One is Camper's Paradise and the other is I Bagged a Noob. They parody Coolio's Gangsters Paradise and Katy Perry's I Kissed a girl.

Those two songs are finished and we'll set to finishing the music videos soon. The songs will be released when the videos are. Video production will start this coming weekend.

Also the Left 4 Dead Rap couldn't have been a better sucess, we didn't see that coming at all. It's on the verge of already reaching 100,000 views in a week, which took the Halo 3 Rap a month to get. For those of you thinking that Zoey's voice sounded like a 12 year old...what do you expect a girls voice to sound like? Of course it's going to be relatively high-- she's a girl! People these days...haha.


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Halo 3 Rimz on Machinima


For those of you who follow our blog will get the treat of seeing the Halo 3 Rimz rap first. It's posted on Machinma.com and will be on YouTube by the end of the week.

Halo 3 Rimz Video

Also we're in the midst of making up logos for JT Machinima and we're planning on letting you guys chosing it by means of survery.

If you were wondering about the survey we have currently it was just to see if people actually look at this blog. Fortunately people do and it's cool to know people like our work enough to follow, thanks. Regardless it's cool to document our progress with these posts and will be cool to look back on in the future.

For those of requesting a Gears of War Rap; we do want to make one, but don't expect it soon. Skullkruncher doesn't own the game and has played it like once before. As you can imagine it'd be pretty hard to write a song about a game you've barely played. With that said skull will get the game soon.

That is all for now....hope you all enjoy Halo 3 Rimz


Monday, March 2, 2009


I posted a teaser of our new Halo 3 Rimz song. It's just of the intro with warthogs fish tailing and stuff, but should serve as giving you guys an idea of how the song will be.

Click here to view


Sunday, March 1, 2009

Halo 3 Rimz Rap


The new rap is finished and its BADASS. Expect it on in a week. That is all.


Saturday, February 28, 2009


The Left 4 Dead Rap is on YouTube now; click

With the Left 4 Dead rap now finished, we're starting our line of various Halo Raps. Currently we're working Halo 3 Rimz. Expect that in 2 weeks times.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Left 4 Dead

The Left 4 Dead Rap is currently on Mahinima.com

Check it out here

It should be posted on YouTube shortly, I'll give you guys an update when that pops up.


Monday, February 23, 2009

Update 2/23


Currently Halo 3 Rimz is being worked on and is going to be an epic fast paced orgy of awesomeness. In all seriousness the songs going to be very high octane and catchy. W'e're trying to use real movie techniques for filming vehicles for the video.

Also we like to announce two new projects one is called Noobz 4 Life, which besides the title, is a secret. The other video is the Haterz Rap, which is pretty self explanatory. Expect the Noobz 4 Life sometime this spring and the Haterz Rap sometime this summer.

We have a lot of work ahead of us :)

Thats all there is really


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Update 2/19


In case you haven't seen it our GTA IV Rap is now on YouTube. Make sure you click on the link I've posted on the right. Also we apologize for the mess up in the song name, but people are going a little overboard with it. They automatically look down on the video just because of the title when it in no way has impact on the song...just kind of dumb if you ask me. Oh well plenty of people liked it regardless which is always a good feeling.

Expect the Left 4 Dead Rap on YouTube in 2 weeks and in one week for Machinima.com. It's basically finished just needs a little quirk and its set to submit. Luckily I don't think this video will have any subjects for YouTubers to argue about.

Expect more after that!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Update 2/12


The GTA IV Rap is now on Machinima.com or you can wait until it's put on YouTube. Sorry for the wait. I rendered the video in the wrong format so it couldn't go onto YouTube, but now it's fixed so it'll be on any day now.

Also the Left 4 Dead Rap is mostly done it only has a few quirks to fix before we release it in about a weeks time.

Lastly, since we get flooded with friend requests we were thinking of having a day were we play with you all so we get to know you. Then those 'random friend requests' won't be random anymore and we'll add you.


Friday, February 6, 2009


The GTA IV Rap is now finished in all stages of production and will be submitted onto Machinima.com. Expect to see it a couple days after Saturday (2/7).

Also we are now officially working with Machinima, so now all our major projects will be available only on Machinima's YouTube page. No worries though, since we'll still post personal stuff, private projects and videos to keep you guys updated.


Saturday, January 31, 2009


We now have an email for anyone to contact us with. Feel free to send an email with a question. We'll save your email, since we plan on arranging on playing some custom matches with people who like our stuff. We would contact you via email.

*the email is jtmachinima@yahoo.com

For those of you that wanted to know the Halo Raps lyrics are right on the video on YouTube. Just click the link on the right.

Also production for the GTA IV rap has now started expect that out in a week or two at the very most.

Friday, January 30, 2009


We will continue with our music videos. Hopefully we'll create enough music content and make the album available to you guys on iTunes, though that won't be for a while.

Currently skullkruncher has a Left 4 Dead song written and a GTA IV song already recorded. I'll begin working on the GTA IV soon.

That's all there is for now, stay tuned...


Tuesday, January 27, 2009



A lots happened since our last post. I'll fill you in. First off the songs doing well on iTunes and should stay there for the remainder of the year.

Also our new Call of Duty Rap is now up and it has brought early excitement for me and skullkruncher13. First thing was that our video was Featured on Machinima.com and secondly the community manager from Treyarch messaged me telling him that he liked the video. He asked for us to email him so he could give us feedback from the developers. Pretty exciting.


Wednesday, January 14, 2009



Our Halo 3 Rap, entitled "The Greatest Ever" is now available on iTunes for your own enjoyment.  The song has refined lyrics and the beat is enhanced to be even more badass.  This is definately worth your $0.99.  It may be a little tricky to find so just search J.T. Machinima and it'll be right there. Enjoy!! and Thanks


Sunday, January 4, 2009

New Machinima


The first episode to our new Machinima series, entitled "Refuge" should be on its way within the next day or two.  Most of the editing is done and only needs the voice work.  T. will take care of that and I aim to lend my voice in upon getting a better quality mic.  So expect to see it on youtube early this week.



Q. I can't find the Halo Rap on iTunes.
A. Sorry it's difficult to find, but if you search JT Machinima it will pop up.

Can I add you guys on Xbox?
A. Most cases no, but if we play with you and get to know you; then we will. We just don't like accepting them at random.

Q. What do you use to make videos? How do you record game footage.
A. We use Sony Vegas 9 and use a Pinnacle Movie Box to record game footage (similar to the Dazzle).

Q. What do you use to make your songs?
A. Garage Band

Q. Can I help you guys with your videos?
A. Sure, but we'll let you guys know via this blog that we need help.

Q. (more of a demand than a question) Put CoD Rap on iTunes.
A. Be patient, we're working together a complete album to release which will include the CoD Rap.