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A film making group consisting of two friends who combine their talents to make machinima. Here's our blog, feel free to sift through the posts. Remember to keep checking this site since it's updated regularly and we like to include our fans anyway we can.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009



A lots happened since our last post. I'll fill you in. First off the songs doing well on iTunes and should stay there for the remainder of the year.

Also our new Call of Duty Rap is now up and it has brought early excitement for me and skullkruncher13. First thing was that our video was Featured on Machinima.com and secondly the community manager from Treyarch messaged me telling him that he liked the video. He asked for us to email him so he could give us feedback from the developers. Pretty exciting.


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Q. I can't find the Halo Rap on iTunes.
A. Sorry it's difficult to find, but if you search JT Machinima it will pop up.

Can I add you guys on Xbox?
A. Most cases no, but if we play with you and get to know you; then we will. We just don't like accepting them at random.

Q. What do you use to make videos? How do you record game footage.
A. We use Sony Vegas 9 and use a Pinnacle Movie Box to record game footage (similar to the Dazzle).

Q. What do you use to make your songs?
A. Garage Band

Q. Can I help you guys with your videos?
A. Sure, but we'll let you guys know via this blog that we need help.

Q. (more of a demand than a question) Put CoD Rap on iTunes.
A. Be patient, we're working together a complete album to release which will include the CoD Rap.