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A film making group consisting of two friends who combine their talents to make machinima. Here's our blog, feel free to sift through the posts. Remember to keep checking this site since it's updated regularly and we like to include our fans anyway we can.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Halo 3 Rimz on Machinima


For those of you who follow our blog will get the treat of seeing the Halo 3 Rimz rap first. It's posted on Machinma.com and will be on YouTube by the end of the week.

Halo 3 Rimz Video

Also we're in the midst of making up logos for JT Machinima and we're planning on letting you guys chosing it by means of survery.

If you were wondering about the survey we have currently it was just to see if people actually look at this blog. Fortunately people do and it's cool to know people like our work enough to follow, thanks. Regardless it's cool to document our progress with these posts and will be cool to look back on in the future.

For those of requesting a Gears of War Rap; we do want to make one, but don't expect it soon. Skullkruncher doesn't own the game and has played it like once before. As you can imagine it'd be pretty hard to write a song about a game you've barely played. With that said skull will get the game soon.

That is all for now....hope you all enjoy Halo 3 Rimz



  1. nice, you always succeed in your rapping!

  2. Just saw it and i left a detailed response on the machinima.com video.

    plus I'm hoping you guys make an mp3 or whatever version for IPods because I'm stuck with one of those ipods that doesn't have video on it.

  3. hey Skullkruncher i have seen you're raps they are great and hilarious especially coD i have left 4 dead my user name is nicenicebaby do you want to play left 4 dead. Maybe y can help me get an achievement nothing special.(PS)The achievement is you or the other people can't get hit by the infected as the boomer,smoker,hunter,tank and witch but y can crown her if you did not know that which y probably know.



Q. I can't find the Halo Rap on iTunes.
A. Sorry it's difficult to find, but if you search JT Machinima it will pop up.

Can I add you guys on Xbox?
A. Most cases no, but if we play with you and get to know you; then we will. We just don't like accepting them at random.

Q. What do you use to make videos? How do you record game footage.
A. We use Sony Vegas 9 and use a Pinnacle Movie Box to record game footage (similar to the Dazzle).

Q. What do you use to make your songs?
A. Garage Band

Q. Can I help you guys with your videos?
A. Sure, but we'll let you guys know via this blog that we need help.

Q. (more of a demand than a question) Put CoD Rap on iTunes.
A. Be patient, we're working together a complete album to release which will include the CoD Rap.